Our agency is made up of an exceptional group of professionals from all walks of life and experiences. What is interesting is that we have all worked together, on and off, for over ten years. At some point, each one of us came to the conclusion that the traditional ‘Big Agency’ model was broken, and decided to return to our roots. CompanyKane has the flexibility and drive of a start-up with the benefit of years of experience with some of the world’s most celebrated brands. We don’t worry about the trappings, we worry about getting the job done right.

That’s what has attracted all of us to CompanyKane. Multi-disciplinary teams are set up according to the assignment given—and everyone has a voice at the table. Here we truly believe that good ideas can come from anywhere—so we listen. To each other. To the consumer. To you. That’s how we create successful campaigns that drive the bottom line. Everyone wins.

CompanyKane is a marketing and advertising solutions agency
dedicated to creating ACTION for our clients through Brand Context.